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    Monday, March 4, 2019

    Welland, ON – The city’s downtown areas gained significant development in 2018 due to private sector
    investments and assistance from the city’s Downtown and Health and Wellness Cluster Community
    Improvement Plan (CIP) Financial Incentive Programs. City of Welland CIP grants have leveraged an estimated
    $23.1 million in private sector investment last year. The grants offer financial support to property owners who
    upgrade their commercial and mixed-use buildings—including vacant properties—which ultimately brings
    value and people to the downtown areas.

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  • Campion: Welland needs to attract new residents

    by Kris Dubé , The Welland Tribune

    Welland’s economic outlook is on its way up after it hit “rock bottom” many years ago, Mayor Frank Campion told a crowd of about 100 people at city hall Thursday morning.

    His annual mayor’s breakfast, held at the civic square library, was an opportunity for Campion to share a list of recent accomplishments and struggles the municipality has on its plate.

    More than $9 million in surplus properties being sold last year, conversations with potential developers from places such as the United Arab Emirates and China, the need for a second industrial park as a result of new companies coming to the city — these are some of the highlights Campion celebrated in his presentation.

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  • MiniWarGaming investing more than $1 million in new space

    by Kris Dube, The Welland Tribune

    Futuristic Vikings and armies from outer space are just two things coming to life through a Welland business’s plans to relocate to King Street.

    Operating at the former city hall for the past 11 years, MiniWarGaming plans to host a June 22 grand opening at its new headquarters. The move marks an investment of more than $1 million that won’t just be a venue for its imaginative brand of table-top gaming.

    To be located at a former flower shop in the downtown area, the award-winning business will also offer five overnight hospitality rooms for gamers who visit the city for some action — each of them with a different theme based on the lore of various games played at the hub.

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    Welland, ON – The City of Welland experienced a record year in 2018 for building activity and residential growth, based
    on data provided by the city’s Building and Planning Division.

    The data shows a steady increase in the number of building permits issued over the past ten years.

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  • Innio’s Welland engine factory in need of workers

    by Nathaniel Johnson, The Welland Tribune

    Innio’s Welland plant needs more employees, and Frank Campion is encouraging residents to apply to the state-of-the-art gas engine company.

    “They’re continuing to hire people … they need more people to apply to complement and fill out their staff and get up to full production,” said Welland’s mayor.

    He said people shouldn’t be intimidated about applying to the high-tech, advanced manufacturing firm, even if they don’t think they have the necessary skill set to work there.

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