City of Welland Received Brownie Award for Atlas Landfill Partnership

In February, Dan Degazio, Director of Economic Development with the Corporation of the City of Welland accepted a duplicate copy of Walker Environmental’s Brownie Award. Mike Watt, Executive Vice-President of Walker Environmental met with Degazio to present the award and extend their gratitude to the City of Welland for being great partners in the Atlas Landfill Remediation Project.

Walker Environmental received the original award in December, when the Atlas Landfill Remediation project was selected by the Brownfield Network as the winner in their reinvest category. Walker Environmental was thrilled to accept the award but felt their success would not
have been possible without their great partnership with the City of Welland.

As a gesture of appreciation, Walker Environmental chose to share their award and the success of the Atlas Landfill Remediation project with the City of Welland.

“I think the award is great,” said Degazio. “It shows the partnership between Walker and the City of Welland and how great it is to have a public-private partnership in our community.”

To learn more about the Brownie awards and Walker Environmental and the City of Welland’s Atlas Landfill Remediation project, read the full release of this story here.