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Welland, ON – The city’s downtown areas gained significant development in 2018 due to private sector
investments and assistance from the city’s Downtown and Health and Wellness Cluster Community
Improvement Plan (CIP) Financial Incentive Programs. City of Welland CIP grants have leveraged an estimated
$23.1 million in private sector investment last year. The grants offer financial support to property owners who
upgrade their commercial and mixed-use buildings—including vacant properties—which ultimately brings
value and people to the downtown areas.

The city initiated the Downtown and Health and Wellness Cluster CIP Incentive Program to stimulate growth
and keep people living and employed around the city’s core. Last year, 16 applications in the project area were
approved, allocating an estimated total of $2.8 million in grants from the City of Welland and Niagara Region.
In addition to the building improvements, last year’s CIP grants assisted two property owners to renovate and
create nine new residential units in the downtown areas, and also supported the new 130 unit, five-storey
retirement residence—now in development on King Street.

The Downtown and Health and Wellness Cluster CIP Program built momentum in 2018 and attracted a variety
of property owners who saw the benefits of aesthetic renovations. City staff look forward to offering the
programs again in 2019.

“Attracting new business, keeping existing businesses open, and creating new residential opportunities is vital
to the rejuvenation of downtown,” said Erik Nickel, General Manager of Infrastructure & Development
Services. “We’re pleased with the number of participants last year, but are optimistic in gaining increased
interest as we continue to offer these financial incentives into 2019.”

“While we had plans to renovate our building, the CIP Grant inspired us to stretch our expectations beyond
electrical and plumbing. The grants helped us offset the significant expenses involved in ensuring accessibility
as well as reintroducing the historical character that had been lost from the building over the years. While
small businesses are the heart of downtown Welland, we rarely qualify for any kind of financial investment so
this was a welcome and much-appreciated form of support.” Brenda Herchmer, Vince Herchmer, Owners of 28
& 30 King Street.

“The CIP Grant was of great assistance for us to update the aesthetics of our office/business. The end result
was a beautiful update of the property. City staff were very helpful in explaining the process to us. The CIP
program was a success for us.” Dr Gary Bovine, Tracy Bovine, Owners of 233 Division Street.
For more information on the City of Welland Community Improvement Plans and funding available visit or call the Planning Division at 905-735-1700.


Contact: Erik Nickel, General Manager of Infrastructure & Development Services
905-735-1700 Ext. 2201