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KGM Engineering

The bridge between construction and engineering

July 2022 Edition

Business background

KGM Engineering (KGM) is a renowned construction and structural engineering company that combines more than 20 years of construction experience with a unique approach to cost-efficient engineering solutions, bridging the gap between construction and engineering. With locations around the world, this company specializes in construction and bridge engineering in Canada, tower engineering in Europe, and geostructural engineering in Africa for renewable energy.

Since problems cannot always be solved from a design point of view, construction know-how is essential for the successful completion of a project. KGM’s major strength is being able to design and incorporate construction engineering into their design methodology. This allows their team to isolate many constructability issues during the design phase and provide insight into unforeseen challenges during all phases of construction.

Proudly Canadian and believing in more than just client satisfaction, KGM remains focused on community development projects that are achieved with help from its subsidiaries KGM Africa, KGM Europe, and KGM Community.


Significant business details

  • 2011: KGM Engineering is founded in Welland
  • 2013: With an expansion in Budapest, KGM Europe (KGMEU) is formed
  • 2018: A further expansion takes place with the opening of KGM Africa (KGMA) in Rwanda
  • 2019: With the intention of giving back to communities, the non-profit organization KGM Community is created
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“Loyalty within a community is what drives them forward. Working in Welland means that our journey began within our local community before growing internationally. Taking pride in where we came from keeps us inspired to continue making a difference today and going forward.”
~ Katia Gauthier, co-founder


Business details

  • Type of business: Construction and structural engineering design consultant
  • Started in Welland: Co-founded in 2011 by Katia Gauthier and Tamas Kalenda
  • Number of employees: 6 staff in Welland with colleagues across Budapest, Europe, and Rwanda, Africa

Services offered

  • Bridge engineering
  • Structural and tower engineering
  • Construction engineering
  • Geostructural engineering
  • Business progress, management, and training
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