MiniWarGaming making a move

By Michelle Allenberg, Tribune Staff

This army is on the march.

MiniWarGaming Inc., co-owners Matthew Glandfield and David Nodquist have big plans for their business.

The company was awarded the 2017 Business of the Year during the Welland and Pelham Chamber of Commerce Ruby Awards. Nodquist and Glandfield create YouTube videos and provide information about the table top strategy game Miniature War Games. The strategy game is a type of role-play game that incorporates figurines, landscapes, and additional props, in miniature size.

Glandfield said the MiniWarGaming YouTube channel’s free videos have between one and two million views a month. The website has about one million visits per year. The company keeps paid subscriptions to the site confidential.

Since the company was first established about 10 years ago, Glandfield said popularity in the website and YouTube channel has increased.

“People come from all over the world who want to be in the videos and play with us,” Glandfield said.

After months of bouncing the idea around, Glandfield, Nodquist and their friend Hunter White, decided they needed a larger work space for their business. The business is currently in the old Welland City Hall location on East Main Street, but MiniWarGaming will move to 216 King St., next year.

The current location is 3,500 square feet. Glandfield said the new location, which will likely open next summer, is 11,000 square feet. It will include six studios for filming, six bed and breakfast suites, and a tournament hall. Each room will have a different theme throughout the building. Glandfield said themes that could be included are a blacksmith shop and a castle great hall.

Nodquist is planning on adding two escape rooms in the basement of the building. Although plans haven’t been finalized, the escape rooms will likely have horror themes, such as a zombie apocalypse.

White, who lives in Atlanta, GA., said he has travelled to Welland to participate in MiniWarGaming videos for the past two years. His love of Welland and gaming was part of the reason he decided to invest in purchasing the building on King Street — MiniWarGaming will rent the building from White.

The location on King Street will be open to the public. Max Aggression Gaming, located in Niagara Falls, will open a second location at the MiniWarGaming site.