GIS Mapping


The City of Welland GIS Maps

The City of Welland uses a GIS software platform called Esri® ArcGIS®, and a desktop GIS program called Manifold® System GIS. These are the software packages that we use to create and edit the GIS data, perform spatial analyses, produce paper maps, and generate our online interactive mapping and open data web sites. The core of Welland’s GIS is the database. All of the City’s GIS data are stored in a central database including roads, water and sewer mains and valves, hydrants, catch basins, trees, property parcels, zoning, aerial and satellite imagery, and civic addresses just to name a few. The GIS is used for many purposes including infrastructure planning and management, planning applications and processes, day-to-day operations and maintenance management, asset inventories, and 3-D surface modeling.

Interactive Mapping site

Our interactive web map allows you to choose the layers you would like to see, view information about features on the map, search for addresses, schools, parks, businesses, cemeteries, draw lines, points, polygons, add labels, and view current as well as historical aerial imagery.

You can also create PDF’s and email them or print them for your own use.

Much of the information you see on the map can be downloaded from the Welland's open data portal.

Interactive Mapping site

Map of Welland