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aerial image of downtown Welland


Welland and Niagara are well positioned in terms of cost-competitiveness. Competitive shovel ready land, commercial and industrial taxes, utility prices, and cost of living make Welland a great location to own and operate a business.

Shovel-Ready Industrial Land

Welland is promising to be a strong candidate for the province’s next industrial real estate powerhouse. With the recent opening of its fourth industrial park, Welland currently possesses a large portion of shovel ready industrial land that is a fraction of the cost of what’s available in the Greater Toronto Area.

image of land ready for development



Compare Welland’s property tax rates with those of other nearby cities and it’s clear that Welland is open for business.

Welland $1.25
Fort Erie $1.27
Pelham $1.62
Wainfleet $1.63
Niagara Falls $1.71
Lincoln $1.80
West Lincoln $1.93
St. Catharines $1.94
Port Colborne $1.95
Thorold $2.00
Grimsby $2.32
Niagara-on-the-Lake $2.36
Hamilton $2.68
Oakville $2.57
Lincoln $1.97
Welland $2.21
Fort Erie $2.35
Niagara Falls $2.48
Thorold $2.73
St. Catharines $2.77
Port Colborne $2.88
Nigara-on-the-Lake $3.05
Hamilton $3.10
Grimsby $4.49
Wainfleet $430
Pelham $465
Port Colborne $914
Welland $1,278
West Lincoln $1,510
Fort Erie $1,523
Niagara Falls $3,889
Lincoln $4,217
Niagara-on-the-Lake $4,696
Thorold $4,914
St. Catharines $6,624
Grimsby $6,952
Hamilton $10,290